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What to visit Hotel Santa Isabel



 Que ver - Alcalzar de Toledo

The Alcazar of Toledo is a fortress built on the rocks, located in the highest part of the city of Toledo, overlooking the whole city.Its privileged situation has made it a place of great strategic military value, something that was realised by the people that settled there.

In the 3rd century it was a Roman Palace and during the reigns of Alfonso VI, Alfonso VII and Alfonso VIII it was restored and extended.

It currently houses the Library of Castile La Mancha, the collections of the Army Museum and many rooms with interesting exhibitions..
 Que ver - Catedral de Santa María de Toledo

The Cathedral of Santa María de Toledo, also called Prime Cathedral of Toledo, is currently the seat of the Archdioceses of Toledo.

The architecture of the building is Gothic and it is considered by some as the opera magna of Gothic art in Spain.

It was constructed with white stone brought from Olihuelas and it is made up of spectacular chapels such as the main chapel, a splendid chapter room, extraordinary stained glass windows, a vestry that houses works by important painters and a tower that offers magnificent views of the Cathedral.

Iconos - QueVerZocodover Square

 Plaza de Zocodover

Neuralgic centre of the city for most of its history.

Part of it was built by Juan de Herrera in times of Felipe II’s reign.

Its name originates from the Arabic and means "market of beasts of burden" and it has been the neuralgic point of the town’s social life since mediaeval times.

Different events and festivals organised in the city are currently held there. It is also a popular meeting place enjoyed by all people from Toledo and above all a compulsory transit area for the thousands of tourists that visit the streets of the historical quarter throughout the whole year.

Iconos - QueVerEl Greco Museum

 Museo del Greco

The El Greco Museum contains works by the painter, Domenikos Theotokopoulos, who was born in Crete but who produced most of his work in the city.

The museum was built over the foundations of an old 6thcentury house and of a Renaissance palace, in the Jewish Quarter of Toledo.The institution was opened in 1911 with the intention of defending the artistic importance of El Greco.

Noteworthy among the works of El Greco on display, are the Apostle and the Redeemer.Works by other important 16th and 17th century artists are also exhibited.

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