Alcazar of Toledo

Alcazar of Toledo

This monument is a stone fortification located at the highest point in the city of Toledo, dominating the entire city. Its privileged location made it a place of great strategic military value as understood by the various peoples who settled here.

In the 3rd century, it was a Roman palace and was restored and expanded under Alfonso VI, Alfonso VII and Alfonso VIII.

Queen Isabel II gave part of the alcazar to the “Colegio de Infanteria” in the 21st century yet the 1854 political revolution paralyzed the work. In 1887, the alcazar suffered from a tremendous fire which began in the library and quickly spread to the entire building, almost completely destroying it.

It currently houses the Castilla La Mancha Library, the Army Museum collections and a number of halls with interesting exhibits. Moreover, its military history is still reflected with stray bullets from the Civil War incrusted into the alcazar walls.

It may be visited and guided tours are available Monday to Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Location Alcazar of Toledo


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