Zocodover Square

Zocodover Square

The real centre of the city for most of its history.

One part was designed and built by Juan de Herrera during the reign of Philip II.

With a name that comes from Arabic and means “the market of beasts of burden”, it’s been the centre of the city’s social life since medieval times.

When the old square was destroyed by fire on 29 October 1589, the decision was made to build a new one. In 1854, an ambitious project was drawn up by technician Santiago Martín Ruiz to re-organize the Zocodover Square and transform it into a rectangular porticoed square.

It is currently one of the places in the city that hosts the largest number of events and festivals as well as being the place for locals to meet up and have fun not to mention the fact that it’s a mandatory stop for the thousands of tourists that visit the streets of the historic city centre throughout the year.

Location Zocodover Square


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